Plastic is killing our oceans. By 2050 there will be more plastics in the sea than fish. That's why we collected ocean plastic and turned it into a force for good. The Ocean Plastic Book. A kid's book against ocean waste. Made from ocean waste.

Title • The Ocean Plastic Book
Client • WFO

Agency • Jung von Matt
Art Direction • Stefan Wittemann
Copy • Michael Maria Morgenbesser
Case Study • Nico Witwicki


The Ocean Plastic Book is created environmentally friendly from recycled ocean plastic to tell the story of little Pippa. The brave girl gets to live her dream and dive deep into the sea to meet ocean animals. Only to find out that they can’t swim. In her adventure, she frees the animals to make them swim again – and discovers that to do so, she has to get rid of plastic. 

We collected plastics from all over the world to use for the paper and the cover. To turn plastics into paper, we developed an innovative process: It turns recycled plastics into fibers that are aligned to tear- and water-resistant material. That can be processed just like real paper. 

With The Ocean Plastic Book, we want to give useless plastic in our oceans a useful purpose: Telling a story that changes our and our future’s behavior towards plastic use. A story that helps to get rid of ocean plastic altogether. A story that can be passed on from generation to generation. To preserve the beauty of our oceans – for ages to come.


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