Mozilla has worked 25 years to make the internet a tool at the service of public interest. By reimagining a space that explores the beauty of community, empowers individual expression and celebrates inclusivity, we invite you to build the next 25, together. Embark on a journey that starts with you, and let the collective shape its destiny. #reclaimtheinternet – full project online soon.

Title • Mozilla – Reclaim the Internet
Task • Concept, Exhibition, Immersive Art Experience, Event, Art Direction
Client • Mozilla Corporation
MDs • Alexander Ludwig, Markus Schuhmacher, Daniel Kaiser
ECD • Sebastian Kraus
CD Space & Experience • Paul Schneider
Senior Art Director • Nico Witwicki, Andreas Wiens
SAD • Martina Novak Matulova
PM • Nicolai Pulverich 
Visual Artists • Wolf Moritz Cramer, Christine Mayerhofer, The Spatial Media Lab Collective


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