We are facing more ecological problems today than ever before. Bee extinction is one of the nasty results. Beesley is facing these problems and combines them into a unique solution. Discarded filing cabinets are reused to build modern, weather resistant and easy to use, urban beehives.

Title • Beesley – Urban Beehives
Tasks • Branding • Digital • Campaign • Product Design • Working Prototype

Client • DHBW Ravensburg • fifth semester

Art Direction • Nico Witwicki • Christopher Vogt • Jana Lenhard • Victoria Sandvoß


Bees are an important part of our eco-system, but more than 50% of the population has already become extinct. Artificial pollination is no alternative, as it is nowhere near as healthy, efficient and good as the natural version. Therefore we need to take care of the little helpers.

Beesley is repurposing apparently unusable filing cabinets and combines them with bees into one unique solution. Long lasting beehives that give bees new areas and homes to flower and are much easier to use for their owner than the traditional version.

Urban surroundings have proven to be healthier for bees due to the larger ecological diversity they provide and less usage of pesticides. The natural and individually customizable, beautiful design perfectly blends into the city and targets a design-oriented audience with ecological awareness, that can harvest its own local honey on tap, while saving the bee population.


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